Biocriminology and the Enduring "Question of Race" - Oliver Rollins (Penn)

- | | 3401 Walnut St., Max Kade Center Rm 329-A

Oliver Rollins
Biocriminology and the Enduring "Question of Race"

This talk examines the use of race in biocriminology. Specifically, it will provide an understanding of the discursive ways that the ‘question of race’ continues to impact the production of contemporary biocriminology, and examine the social potentials for the science to address, disrupt, and/or reinforce racialized discourse on crime and violence.  

Oliver Rollins is the Postdoctoral Fellow in the Penn Program for Race, Science & Society. His work intersects the sociology of health and illness; science, knowledge and technology studies; and race and racism. He is currently working on his first book manuscript, tentatively titled, Unlocking the Violent Brain: Continued Debate, Promise, and Uncertainty in Biological Research on Violence, which examines the social implications of and controversies surrounding neuroscience research on the determinants of violent and antisocial behaviors.