Our Mission

The Program on Race, Science and Society (PRSS) is an initiative at the University of Pennsylvania devoted to transformative and interdisciplinary approaches to the role of race in scientific research and biotechnological innovations, aiming both to promote social justice and to dispel the myth that race is a natural division of human beings.


Celebrating 10 Years: Decennial Report

The Penn Program on Race, Science, and Society (PRSS) was founded by Professor Dorothy Roberts at the Center for Africana Studies in the fall of 2013. To commemorate the ten-year anniversary of the program's founding, PRSS produced a "Decennial Report," which highlights the four symposiums the program has sponsored over the past decade, the program's annual Lecture & Colloquium series, the 2019 launch of the Penn Medicine and the Afterlives of Slavery Project, and the faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and students who have participated in the program over the last ten years.

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