Dying of Whiteness - Jonathan Metzl (Vanderbilt)

- | | Kade Center, Africana Studies Room 329
3401 Walnut Street

Of late, we’ve heard much about the rise of “alt-white supremacy” in the United States—with the assumption that supremacy is a system that places white people atop persons of color, immigrants, and other marginalized groups.  The core ideology of supremacy, and the politics and policies that support it, depends on a hierarchy that seemingly privileges and benefits white people at the expense of everyone else.  (See, e.g., walls, bans, and other structures and policies.)  Yet, over the past three years I’ve conducted a series of in-depth interviews and focus groups with everyday Americans impacted by core conservative politics and policies in a number of states—and particularly people who live in areas where anxieties about the “decline of whiteness” enter into decisions about public health.  These interviews form the core of my exploration of the ways that policies that seem to bolster supremacy also dramatically threaten the very people that they ostensibly aim to support.

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